Rambler Ranch on FaceBook

There are some folk with Facebook websites that look like they are the real Rambler Ranch.   These are only fan sites.  Unfortunately I was unable to use just the Ranch name as they beat me to the punch putting up a facebook site.  But for those who visit my Ranch please know that my rambler ranch Facebook page is the one with My Classic Car’s Dennis Gage standing with me,  (Terry Gale)under the Rambler ranch sign.



Please post all your comments about ranch visits on that page.

Thank you.

2016 Photos uploaded

Check out our photo updated for 2016


See photo’s of the New Pink 1950’s kitchen, the Bus, The apartments (a work in progress) and the new giant building (another work in progress) also new pictures of the AMC cars and building and the Nash cars and building.  A lot has been updated in all our buildings. New murals, new mannequins, new historic items and new old cars.