Rambler Ranch Story

From Terry Gale:



My first garage was built in 1993 to hold the 30 cars I had at the time. My first club to visit was our local Metropolitan club for a club picnic. Many of the Metropolitan club members are members of other car clubs so the news traveled fast about the garage being a cool place to gather for club events. The met club has held their annual picnic here ever since.

In 2007 AMO (American Motors Owners Club) held their international meet in Denver that included a tour of Rambler Ranch. There were 600 guest here that day coming from 6 countries as far as 5,000 miles away. AMC fans drove from as far as Alaska and Florida to be here for that special event.

Guest that needed a ride form the hotel to Rambler Ranch were the first to ride the Rambler S/C Bus. The bus was painted like a S/C Rambler with the AMC model names down the side. Guest that rode the bus signed their names and comments on the bus ceiling as a reminder of the day.

Rambler Ranch is a car lovers dream to visit. In addition to the 700 cars, there are thousands of different types of car memorabilia to see. A tour through eh Nash building brings back memories for many visitors. In think everybody’s grandmother drove a Rambler!

There are five major buildings on the grounds plus a number of outbuildings and garages. The largest building is home to 107 AMC cars and tons of AMC memorabilia. In 2010 a complete working Kelvinator kitchen was added with seating for 50 and 2 restrooms. The Kitchen can be used for meetings or eating if the weather does not permit an outdoor picnic.

In 2011 a full replica Sinclair gas station was build with additional picnic seating and in 2012 an additional commercial style kitchen was added for event use. Also in 2012 a new building containing the many appliances was added. A new library on wheels (soon to be replaced by a library building) was added as well.

In 2014 the full service kitchen was added just next to the outdoor patio.

As of 2015 the museum is an official non-profit entity, the only one that I know of in the United States. I am adding more buildings and displays over this next year.

For 2016 we have redone the Pink 1950’s kitchen/diner and have started on the new Jeep building.

Keep checking back each season to find out what’s new at the ranch.