Q- Where is the Rambler Ranch located?

  •  The Rambler Ranch is tucked back in a lovely forest just a few miles East of the town of Elizabeth, off of CR 21.  Our Address is - 36370 Forest Trail, Elizabeth, CO 80107 and we can be easily found by typing Rambler Ranch into your web browser and following Google Maps.

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Q- What are the hours of operation?


  • 11:00 AM - Start Time

  • Please schedule in advance. 

Q- Do you offer tours to individuals or small groups or do I have to be with a big group?

  •  Yes!  We do offer individual tours.  In most cases you will be joined other groups which is always great fun.  We do always try and get as many together whenever possible.  If you are bringing a large party, you may request to have a private event.​​

Q- When does a tour start & How long does a tour take to complete?

  •   Tours typically begin at 11:00 a.m. and they take on average 2-3 hours.  There are 7 buildings to visit and your guide will be sharing a great deal of history and fun stories with you along the way!

Q- What is the price of admission to The Rambler Ranch?

  •   Your experience is based on donation. But $20.00/per person is the average donated amount.  Children 12 years and younger are free. We do expect children to be on their best behavior!

Q- Is the Rambler Ranch Handicap & Wheelchair accessible?

  •  Yes, it is.  We host senior centers and special needs groups frequently.  Come one, come all!

Q- Are service dogs allowed?

  •  Yes, service dogs are welcome here.  We love our pets here but please leave yours at home if you can help it.  Your visit will take several hours and we want to avoid animals being left in cars.

Q- Are there restrooms?

  •  Yes!  We have beautiful and clean restrooms available to you during your visit.

Q- Can I host an event or a party at the Rambler Ranch?

  •  Absolutely! We have hosted tons of amazing events and our outdoor picnic area seats around 200 people! 

A few examples- Car Club Meets, birthday parties, photography clubs, family reunions, company parties…or just because you miss your people parties. (Events like this, we will discuss on the phone.)

Q- Do you serve food at The Rambler Ranch?

  •  No, we do not serve food here. WE SERVE ICE CREAM!! 😊

Q- Can we bring food?

  •  Yes, you can pack your own food in.  We have a BBQ grill available and large refrigerator as well. 

Q- What about having an event catered?

  • There are several great and affordable options available, should you decide to hire a caterer.  This is a real treat for you and your guests!  On average, this adds about $12-15 to the cost of your day, includes set up and clean up.  Inquire for more details with Ben.

Q- What if life happens and I cannot make it to my scheduled tour?  What about bad weather? 

Will I be penalized?

  •  No big deal!  Please be courteous and call us though if you cannot make it for your visit. 

  • We are flexible and will work with you to reschedule.  No penalties or fees, just please call.  In the event of inclement weather, we need to stay in touch and cancel if safety is an issue.

Q- Can we take pictures?

  •  Yes, please do!!!

Q- Do you sell cars or parts there?

  •  No, we do not sell cars or parts here at the Rambler Ranch.  It is a private collection and is heavily geared towards historical preservation and education.

Q- What about having an event catered?