About the Ranch

If there were a single word to describe The Rambler Ranch it would be “eclectic”

In fact, its founder, Terry Gale, can aptly be described as eclectic as well. 

Terry Gale pictured above. Featured in CHROOOS Magazine, 2013

To explain further, Terry Gale is a person who derives his ideas, style and taste from a broad and diverse range of sources, in particular a life-long passion for the products of Nash, Rambler, American Motors Corporation (AMC) and it’s various subsidiaries such as Kelvinator Appliance; hence a uniquely diverse collection.

As with many other collections, Terry’s began with a cherished child-hood item.

In this case, it was his father’s 1954 Nash Ambassador, which he judiciously saved from the scrap yard in 1977, following his father passing.  Not until 1995 was Terry able

to remove it from the family farm and begin the car’s restoration in earnest. 

This single vehicle sparked what became, within a very few years, a collection of one

to a collection of 30-some vehicles; an impressive collection in-and-of-itself at the time.  The growing collection required a larger facility able to not only house it, but to also allow for its preservation and proper display.  The location chosen is within the rolling hills and pine forest of nearby Elizabeth, Colorado.  As the collection grew, so too did word spread of Terry’s unique array of Nash/Rambler/AMC automobiles and with many viewing requests made, the result is now a very popular public attraction known

the world-over as The Rambler Ranch. Located approximately 45 minutes south of Denver, the display collection currently consists of over 200 vehicles and an impressive array

of complimentary displays, picnic facilities, a vintage Sinclair Filling Station replica,

gift shop and much more.

The Ranch Mission

Terry’s ultimate goal is to have a complete 1917 to 1988 Nash/Rambler/AMC history showcased, and not just of the commonly known automobiles, but also of the appliances, tractors, commercial & military vehicles; a goal which is now certainly within reach. 

In more recent years, The Rambler Ranch Collection has expanded

to include an additional 60 other vehicle manufacturers; both the well-known and some far more obscure.

As the sayings go, The Rambler Ranch is both “well worth the price of admission” and “an absolute must-see”,  as it is the single most comprehensive assemblage of Nash, Rambler, AMC, Jeep, Eagle vehicles, Kelvinator appliances and various associated products, advertising, promotional materials, toys, collectibles and ephemera anywhere in the world.